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Daemon Oni

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Training League for 28 Empty
PostSubject: Training League for 28   Training League for 28 EmptySun May 15, 2011 5:38 pm


The ranks are full and the league level is ascending steadily. Soon we will begin replacing non functional members in OCL with proven quality players from OTL. If you are demoted from OCL to OTL it is nothing BAD, you are still part of the TEAM, we just need you where you can provide the most good to the entire movement as a whole.

If you are asked to transfer to OTL, please do so without incident, we are not chastising or punishing you, please understand this is simply for the good of the TEAM.

If you absolutely have a problem with the transfer, there are other leagues you can join Im sure, we would hate to see you go, but this is not just MY call here. If you like we can place a permanent poll of whether or not members should have to relocate, but I can assure you the poll will probably never go to that favor.
However! If you really really dont want to stay in OTL, you can always meet the standards to transfer back over, as long as you stay above the curve, then you will be permanently OCL from that point on.

Look at it this way guys, myself and the other hosts will be transfering there in rotation out of sheer NECESSITY no matter HOW much we contribute, because thats what hosts do.

So at least you have the ability to stay in the strong league where you get the best benefits indefinitely as long as you follow some pre-reuisites.

Concurrently these qualifications are as follows:
-Trainees may not Transfer without 15k contribution
-Trainees may not Transfer without level 25 Assembly
-Trainees may not Transfer without being able to defeat 3 Troy Legion opponents consecutively.
(You can show Daemon the proof of this by using the link at the bottom of the legion battle, and pasting it to him in a PM or mail with CTRL and V)

Once 10 OTL members have transfered, we will adjust the Pre-reqs accordingly

These qualifications are subject to change as the training league reaches higher League Levels as to provide quality players to the main league relevant to the necessities for continued rapid growth.

If you are interested in being Host or CoHost of this training league, or would like to nominate a power into office please do so in Batheo Mail. Send your Nomination to Daemon as well as the person you are nominating if you are not nominating yourself.

The major purpose of OTL is to provide strength support for the power league while providing filler for the wake of devistation we leave behind. It is very important to reach these thresholds for OTL pre-requisites because OTL is going to be a necessary party in overcoming the gold buyers in Posey and Zeus. Damn them. Anyhow these are the main purposes for OTL, so you little guys are very certain you are absolutely necessary. LuLz.

-If an area needs extra people for defending from attack, OTL members can further assist the faction by providing such needed numbers.

-OTL will provide needed EXTRA numbers for faction battles as well as put up a decent fight since they are training to be big dogs anyhow, and following our regiment will get them there. Meaning the other factions members will have to go through OTL before they can get to our power hitters, drastically decreasing their numbers before our strength gets into play. OCL cleans up what OTL couldnt finish, securing the victory for the faction ENTIRELY within ranks. (cause we are that friggen awesome, yep.)

-After a successful invasion for 3 consecutive wins against a faction area (starting in Buprasium) OTL can move into the invaded zone and provide the necessary faction personnel in order to RETAIN the prized land against new threats, while the big boys go and attack the other faction and hopefully take THAT land as well.

-OTL's main function is to focus out all the rifraff so we ONLY have dedicated players moving into our main ranks.

OTL will only move out of another faction area if We have SUCCESSFULLY taken over the area directly above it, and there will always be new OTL players moving into the ranks to replace the others as they move with any luck.

Thank you for making Oblivions Chyldren as successful as we are.

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Training League for 28 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Training League for 28   Training League for 28 EmptyWed May 18, 2011 12:37 am

I'd like to point out in the later or even mid game, we most likely will not be able to fill our ranks fully simply because people quit over time. In server 5, before i switch to s25 none of the big leagues were maxed in players, and we can't fill our slots right now in OBL. So, when we do get to that point later in the game, I'm suggesting just abandoning the training league and just mixing them all into the main league so that it has the most growth capability


Thats usually how it works, chief ^_~
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Training League for 28 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Training League for 28   Training League for 28 EmptyThu May 19, 2011 10:45 am

This may be the best system for replacing the inevitable dead weight, server quitters I have seen yet, and I have been at this for a while. Kudos to you for the excellent idea. At some point in the higher levels the training league would cease to be useful, but I suspect we would be around UGL before that happened.


I like this guy, his brain processes information good, hehe.
The idea is eventually there will be 2 very powerful Oblivion Chyldren leagues on the server. So its uite important to have the pre-requisites for transfer. Obviously the strongest will move inot our power league, and engage in the invasions and take-overs of the factions, but then the OTHER league moves into the areas and the strength can move into the new areas andd begin taking over once more.

This is the MAIN process and plan for OTL, and as the levels of OCL increase, so shall the pre-reqs for joining OTL, as well as transferring into OCL.

I will get more indepth on this in another post, I dont wanna eat Chaos's post like I did on League Battles (sorry man, lol)
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Training League for 28 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Training League for 28   Training League for 28 Empty

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Training League for 28
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