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 In the Beginning.

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In the Beginning. Empty
PostSubject: In the Beginning.   In the Beginning. EmptySat May 21, 2011 3:49 pm

Before this existence there was another, as far as we know it was the original, this existence harbored beings known as Vam'paeros who were legitimately its guardian.
Successfully the Vam'paeros maintained order throughout most of existence and its dimensions.

Turbulance, his mate Malevolance, kindred brethren Azrael Dracuul, viriI and his mate Pestilance, and 17 generations of offspring were scattered throughout existence using their exponential evolutionary status to keep the order amongst the living dimensions, as well as the afterlife.

There were 3 realms of "deity" life-forms, responsible but never intereacting with the living realms, and the Vam'paeros most elite forces were able to even transverse into these realms and walk amongst the deitys.

For Thousands of years the Vam'paeros successfully enhanced the experience of living for all beings, eradicating those who brought turmoil and chaos into serenity, peace, and prosperity.

Until the Xanthian was created.

This malicious, terrifying, relentless eating machine as far as Oblivion can tell is the result of a specific kind of being becoming banished to a realm that pretty much became the trash heap of existence. All the worst offenders and cretures were placed into this realm both alive and dead. Over the process and period of about 46,000 years existence had one overly crammed realm of evil and millions of realms predominantly of good nature.

When the Vam'paeros met forces with one a particularly dangerous and powerful entity known as the Omen, they nearly lost the battle, after having no form of life being able to touch a single one of you strictly due to hereditary strength for nearly 50,000 years it was a detrimental loss when 63 Vam'paeros were sent to permanent stations in the post-living realm, or funneled back into the core of existence.

The Omen was a bio-cybernetic organism which derrived from the evil doings of the realm of Maulbovyz, the realm of evil. A wicked civilization of people known as the WyldeFyre were transported here in enitrety by the Vam'paero Gryphinne (strongest of them all, first born of Turbulance and Malevolance). Having being banished to a realm of post-mordum exemplifies any being from aging, and the WyldeFyre used this to rebuild a community within the realm amongst the evils. They warranted allies in this coalition of retribution against the family that put them in this horrible prison.

The technology developed was dubbed the Xanthian, and without Azraels knowledge the system was engaged.
The Wyldefyre and other allied dark forces were all too zealous for vengeance for their own good, as the moment Omen went online, they were all assimilated and destroyed. Converted into this program of artificial intelligence and evil.

Omen had over ridden most of its primary directives, but saw no gain from altering the directive of seeking ut only living entities for consumption.

With the power of most of Maulbovys coursing through it, the beast broke free of the dimensional bonds and began to wreak havoc on the serenity of existence, feeding and absorbing billions of entities into its being.

At the end of the ferocious battle which crossed 17 dimensional plains and forced billions of good souls into a realm of torment and dismay, Gryphinne was summoned from beyod the walls of existence to destroy the beast.
He succeeded in all appearances, but by banishing the Omen beyond the laws of that existence it caused a flux between realms as the Omen had unknowingly left pieces of itself behind in Maulbovyz.

For another thousand years the sleeping giant remained in the Abyss, becoming stronger than anything existence had ever seen, being that Gryphinne remained with his parents within the realm from that point on, the Omen mutated and grew without hinder, until it finally became more like the Xanthian that it has become now.

When it passed through using its dormant cells to gain re-entry to Maulbovyz, there was no hope.

Azrael was forced into hiding inside a synthetic realm created by thesame technology Oblivion is made from.

Oblivion was created by Turbulance, Malevolance, Azrael, and viriI, and is concurrently the only reason life exists today.

The Xanthian over powered Gryphinne and the other Elites within moments, absorbing and applying their unique energies and connections in order to transform Vam'paeros across existence, never noticing the realm Oblivion had created and locked herself within after the full destruction of her home realm and all of her loved ones.

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In the Beginning.
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