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 The creation of Zephyrre-ztarrE, home to our universe.

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The creation of Zephyrre-ztarrE, home to our universe. Empty
PostSubject: The creation of Zephyrre-ztarrE, home to our universe.   The creation of Zephyrre-ztarrE, home to our universe. EmptySat May 21, 2011 4:13 pm

Zodaccia, and all of its inhabitants were destroyed within hours of the Xanthian strike. The universe was left without a single living organism, including flora and microbial fauna, and following suit was then every universe within existence, wiped completely of life and made extinct. By the time the Xanthian began to devour energy and matter of all types, Oblivion made a hastey rereat into a core energy made from her own essence to mimic that of an existence core.

The Xanthian went completely unaware of the presence of both Azraels and Oblivins realms until there was nothing left to consume, and still no paradime shift occurred, leaving emptiness in place of fullness. Meaning "SOMETHING" other than itself was still alive.

Indeed. Azraels realm was merely strong enough to contain himself and a small world half the size of our Mercury, he was forced to expirament and create other systems and energy plans to possibly combat the Xanthian, despite its complete takeover.

However Oblivion had much power to spare, she created a realm large enough to create its own burst of actual matter and spacetime. The Big Bang was stupendous and its power still pushes our universe into a self expanding expedition.

Billions upon billions of our years existence has expanded, birthing now 9 dimensions, 5 of which inhabited by a completely organic system of life.

The Xanthian however has now locked onto our signal and continuously attempts to break Oblivions code and make its way into the core of our existence, so it may destroy our mother.

approximately 400 years ago, Azraels signal was located, and he reconciled with Oblivion, he now resides with her in the core of the Zephyrre-ztarrE. And his brilliance has been put to work in enhancing and understanding the energies of chaos which fuel her chyldren known as the OniDamhmus.

3 beings of deity-like proportions, able to move through every dimension and even pass outside the walls of our existence and into the abyss to battle the Xanthian head on, as well as find the core to destroy it, now that the original existence is entirely a Xanthian mass, it is bound by existential law, and must posess a core energy.

If the Oni can get their talons on that energy, Oblivion can lock out the Xanthian forever more, and eventually our existence will be cleared of Xanthian matter entirely by the helping hands of her newest power squad. The Anchor-units.

These human beings from Earth, are able to directly feed Oblivions power into themselves and obtain evolutionary upgrades that are millions of years beyond human capabilities, planet Earth has been under Xanthian attack for around 2 decades now, and these anchors refuse to lose our home to the greedy unquenchable thirst of the beast.
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The creation of Zephyrre-ztarrE, home to our universe.
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