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 The Onis and the Anchors.

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The Onis and the Anchors. Empty
PostSubject: The Onis and the Anchors.   The Onis and the Anchors. EmptySat May 21, 2011 4:43 pm

There are 3 OniDamhmus.

iJo'Ciou' (yo-shaw)
aZu'Arli'an (ee-soo-ahr-lee-ahn)
eRi'Zanu (eh-ree-zah-no)

Ciou was created in Turbulances likeness, he is a master of all forms of energy within existence.
Arli was created in Azraels likeness, and masters all forms of heat and particle acceleration within existence.
eRi' was created in Gryphinnes likeness, and is a master of exothermicity, deceleration of particles within existence.

They are typically very humanoid in appearance, but humans are actually quite Vam'paeric in appearance, only on a much smaller scale, as the shortest Vam'paero stood at 14' and had a genetically flawless body due to the immense gravitational force on their home world of Avylan-Cyriana.

While the figuratively low gravity of Earth allows humans to exist with a bare minimum muscle mass.

There are 6 humans so far who are exquisitely structured without necessity of strenuous activity.
They are known as the Anchor-units.

Their unique connection to the Oni and Oblivion serves several purposes including but not limited to:

Keeping the Onis impurmeable and immortal
Keeping the planet of Earth sustainable and protected directly by Oblivion from Xanthian energies and entities
Protecting the life and eco-system on earth

Jaisen McLaney (Entropion) is the oldest and first anchor connected, he is paired to iJo'Ciou' and thus weilds the forces of raw and pure energy

Molly Cohen (Onundine) is anchored to Oblivion, her aquatic element abilities is designed to super enhance Entropions powers, but is capable of much more power than his at any givven time thanks to the amount of liquid on the planet.

Corey Wrigben (Temper) was the second anchor, and his connection with Arli makes him a very hot addition to the team.

Breezy Kitten (AEoliana) refuses to reveal her true identity even to her son, she was the second anchor connected to Oblivion, and her aeolian power increases the oxygen flow in Tempers power, making him even hotter, as well as gives her a very deadly edge against any Xanthian with the need to breathe.

Jason Wrigben (ExoGlyce), youngest of the Oni Anchors, his exothermic power is enough to freeze the air itself.

Rochelle Rose-Wrigben (Gaianna) enhances her husbands ability with the geologic abilities imbued to her through her connection to Oblivion. She is pretty much mother nature in the flesh now.

each of the females have a child with them, but only two are mothers, and only one mother has a son.

Like many of Oblivions confusing ways, this too, has a reason that soon shall become clear.
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The Onis and the Anchors.
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