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 Time for new management, the world comes together.

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Time for new management, the world comes together. Empty
PostSubject: Time for new management, the world comes together.   Time for new management, the world comes together. EmptySat May 21, 2011 5:09 pm

Rochelle rocked her daughter in loving cradling arms as her unofficial hubby spoke with a gathering of the world leaders alongside his brother. She kept a suspicious eye on the dense flora further into the island, having become quite accustomed to the lifestyle Jason Wrigben was a part of, a world she refused to not be a part of no matter the risks as long as it kept her always by his side.
Two years ago he hadn't possessed powers like this, nothing like this…his brothers and he had always shared a telepathic link that she’d known of—but nothing at all like this. Xanthians had always looked like what they took over before, and they sure as hell never…changed…like they had been doing for the last three months. Having Molly around was a blessing for Rochelle Rose, not only as it another girl, but a girl with a child that was female as well.
Which is pretty much where the similarities ended, as their personalities did not allow for much girl talk, not to mention the fact that Rochelle hadn’t lost any family…they were safe with her husbands’ family…”Perhaps” Rose said aloud to her infant daughter. “That’s the difference? Why she can use the abilities and I can’t? I’ve supposedly been uplinked since two weeks after I had you.”
Rose thought silently for a moment, then. “If that's the case little lady, I never want to use the powers.” The price was too steep, and she ached in sympathy for her new sister with a newfound understanding… An understanding that would have to wait… “Here they come.” She whispered, backing towards the crowd, as the tingly spine sensation(the only ability she had been able to control), began to play notes and raindrops along her vertibra.
__ __ __ __ __
“I understand what we are asking is not an easy task, and it seems impossible, but it can be done as long as everyone is in this together and putting forth their best effort.” Jaisen explained, continued by his youngest brother. “And we mean everyone, down to normal citizens and aboriginals friendly and hostile alike. My brother and I aren’t the ones putting these stipulations on you, alright? It’s not us who are gonna kill you if these things aren’t done.”
A thick Indian accent came from a woman to Jaisen’s left by the name of Pratibha Patil, who quite obviously represented the country of India in this important meeting of power. “How will you expect us to drop everything we know, and follow with you, when there is nothing we truly know of you, Entropion and ExoGlyce?” A second question accented by the country of Australia, from Julia Gillard. “Absolutely correct, how can you expect us to even take you seriously with names like that, you’re off your bloody head.”
Jaisen pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration, in three solid hours this conversation had gone absolutely nowhere at all. These people just didn’t understand what was truly happening here.
“As Leader of the free world I can guarantee you that these boys are the real deal.” President Obama interjected, stepping between the brothers, before he looked at who he knew as Jaisen McClaney. “Entropion here saved my life twice already from my own men transforming into these … Xanthian… things.” His palms found a shoulder of each, before the water out beyond the beach began to deform strangely.
Jason snapped forcefully, his patience worn too thin, unwittingly he pushed his unique radiation into the atmosphere, instantly catching the attention of nearby phantom Xanthian energies, most assuredly. “Look! It really doesn't come down to whether you believe us or not! The fact that we are having a discussion at all is nothing more than a fucking diplomacy! We don't need your gawd damned permission to do this! You CANT stop us if we do this by force.”
Jaisen went from pinching the bridge of his nose to a full out face-in-palm, reaching out and placing his free hand on his brothers chest to signal a “chill-out-session” as he shook his head softly. “We are not taking it by force, ExoGlyce, and it’s not our fault if they die because they are too ignorant to listen to reason.” He continued, pulling his hand away from his face and looking around at the leaders one by one, focusing in on their eyes as a tingle began in his spine. “Our position is not to rule, little brother, our position is only to protect those who will have protection.” Jaisen paused for a moment. “I’m not going to beg you to do jack diddly shit, I’m telling you the facts. If you don't do everything in those folders with your countries effective yesterday morning, then we cannot save you or the majority of your people in the next coming year or so. PERIOD, you follow that directive, or you DIE. It’s your choice.”
Hu Jintao, Ambassador for the Communist Party of China rang sharply. “I am no follower, I am a leader… If these things come, I will lead my people against them and be victori…”
His story cut short by the sight of a dark purple conduit rising from the left side of the island, Jintao stammered with a rapid blink before removing his glasses for a brief cleansing to clear his vision, as if perhaps he had simply hallucinated the monster tentacle, perhaps hoping. Jaisen smirked sharply at the tingling sensation running along his spinal column. “You’re about to get a real good look at what these things are capable of, chief, let’s see you lead these people into a battle.” Jaisens grin widened as a 7 foot thick tentacle slammed into the beach only forty feet off, making the island tremor violently as another hit the sand on the other side of them and two more on the same side.
Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and David Cameron of the UK dove in on the crowd of leaders, pushing several out of the way of another tentacle swinging in towards them, and toppling them over a few who had consigned to sitting in the sand while they waited, but saving their lives most assuredly, as the crowd went to the beach deck.
The tentacle rushed Jason and, mere feet from impact, was deflected abruptly into the air as he raised his palm towards it. The tentacle began to freeze instantly after deflection and whipped away from the leader-pile missing all but Romanian President Traian Basescu, whom was plucked in mid fall by a set of grasping hooked claws on the tentacle underside.
Jaisen appeared suddenly above the tentacle as it rushed past and plucked the man from the snag of the vicious hooks, following it with a burst of raw electric energy, Basescu yelped just slightly before being dropped to the sand a few yards below. In a convenient stroke of sheer luck the man’s clothing was all that had been caught by the hooks, and he rolled when hitting the sand and quickly made to his feet to run for the islands inner topography and away from the danger.
“What is it, Jaisen?!” Jason called out as he aimed a hand at the group of world leaders, juking under another swipe of slimy blackish-purple arm, and focused his exothermic energies into the sands around them, pulling the frozen granules into a reinforced dome surrounding them. He levitated swiftly to locate his wife.
“Squid!” Jaisen barked. “No shit! What kind?!” The younger reported. He smiled as Rochelle rounded the dome and entered the only open area, daughter in tow. “Good girl” he said softly. “What the fuck makes you think I would know the damn species?!” Jaisen hooted as he shook his head, grinning at the sudden turn around followed by hard run Basescu suddenly performed upon an explosive flood of Xanthian boars and large mutating insects from the foliage he had thought would protect him.
“L.O.L-sauce” Jaisen said aloud with amusement, nearly taking a wild tentacle to the cranium. Jason responded quietly at first. “Lulzors for reals.” Then he shouted to his brother. “Bullshit! What is it you damn nerd?!” He yelled with a smile as he jerked left then up, avoiding a sharp ended tentacle.
Jaisen growled some before revealing the truth in his brother’s words. “It’s a Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, from the Greek mesos, or middle” He paused to dodge and block a tentacle supercharging it and causing this one to rupture and spray out in a fan of blood, then. “Nychus for claw, and teuthis means squid, sometimes referred to as the Antarctic or Giant Cranch Squid” He focuses some electrical energy into a blade extending his forearm before pulling it free, having left his traditional piece behind for “diplomatic” purposes, and charged the injured tentacle, lopping and slicing then porting to slash three others. “It’s the largest squid species in terms of its mass and is the only known member of the genus Mesonychoteuthis, and typically they’re around 46 feet at their best, 82% of that being tentacle.”
“Yeah, I knew you were holding out you prick!” Jason by now had an ice blade of his own, though after slicing three of his own, a tentacle that had already been cut had now grown back with four more tentacles from the end, and the others had begun to do the same. “I’m uh, guessing the regeneration thing is Xanthian?” Jason said with some awe. “Well, the multiplicity of regeneration, yes—” Jaisen said, barely dodging one of the hardened sharp ends of a tentacle. “—but most cephalopods are able to regrow lost limbs as a defense mechanism!” He grunted as he slammed the blade through a tentacle and surged electricity through the beast.
“By the judge of these lengths, how big would a glacier have to be in order to incase this behemoth would you say, brother brain?” Jason growled as he sprayed an icy fog of sharp crystals through several of the tentacles, puncturing rapidly and spilling blood as if a high powered automatic weapon had shot the flailing limb. “This things getting too fast for me!” he cautioned.
“You’re the math whiz! Tentacles are usually about three-quarters of the length!” Jaisen responded as he rode an electric current along the tentacle, slicing it in half as he rode it higher. Jason rushed away before President Obama caught his eye trying to get out and help the stray leader with a tailing of vicious beasts, just in time to be impaled then ripped apart by a razor edged tentacle. “No-o-o-o-o!” Jason screamed, a rage shot through him and his eyes flitted black. He rushed the deeper ocean where the tentacles converged and blasted exothermic energy into the water with an impressive force, freezing the surface and everything below in rapid succession, so fast the ice cracked loudly several times before he finished the beam, then continued to groan and crack loudly before he caught his breath and continued the blast.
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Time for new management, the world comes together.
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