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 The Omnipotent OniDamhmus! (That tingles a little...Is it our turn?)

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The Omnipotent OniDamhmus!  (That tingles a little...Is it our turn?) Empty
PostSubject: The Omnipotent OniDamhmus! (That tingles a little...Is it our turn?)   The Omnipotent OniDamhmus!  (That tingles a little...Is it our turn?) EmptySat May 21, 2011 5:37 pm

(Unedited and unrevised as of yet)
It was a rare opportunity to spend so much time fighting alongside one another, the OniDamhmus triplets relished and cherished this chance to show off their unique abilities in person, it was like watching a different version of yourself bludgeoning and battering to your left and right.
An emerald streamer spirals around a planet-sized worm, trailing crystalizing explosions to riddle the creature in sift expanding spots, which cracked, burst, once the frozen rings collided to one another the formation in the worm exploded outward violently and showered the abyss in savage projectiles.
Crimson radiation swallowed the right flank, paving the way in sprays of focused heat, streaking scores by hundreds of arrows of burning flak ahead of the trio and causing the abyss to illuminate brilliantly with the searing and burning flesh and organic material of the endless barrage of Xanthian matter. Bright explosions and chemical reactions to the volatile essence of the dimensional atmosphere begins to block out the oncoming beasts and engulf the cosmic area, illuminating the darkness as if all the stars in our universe were converged together and set off in one magnificent halogen blast.
White heat seemed to spread like dye in a current before fading red slowly off in the distance, the sure sign Arli was enjoying himself in the neighboring quadrant of former existence, to his right the emerald glimmers and shatter-sparks, of eRi’s Glacial Galaxy technique were obvious. It was the first time iJo’Ciou’ had actually gotten to see the attack with his own senses, and found himself frequently drastically reducing his molecular enhancement to watch the mother of all galaxies swirling around the center mass which was his brother and shred through the darkness as if it were a buzz saw.
The abyss gave them opportunity to push their abilities to the unbelievable limits of Oni power, literally powerful enough to be seen from universal distances from one another, the sheer magnitude of energy being released by his brothers came as a steady and constant rumble and roar, inner-lined with raspy crackling and feedback you might hear from a bad radio signal.
The energy traveled faster than anything physically possible within the abyss, causing a detrimental effect on the neighboring dimensional cells, yet simultaneously feeding the cyan strobe between them. They communicate in a way that is neither telepathy nor information-transfer, the only way to describe it is a network. Each of them thinks as one, making conversation between them difficult to explain, although it does occur.
There is no necessity for communication as we understand the device for these beings, we can title this advanced technique as instant communication, meaning that both Arli’ and eRi’ were in complete understanding that these massive displays and exhausts were essential to Ciou’s ability to punch through the cell wall and allow them to progress again towards the core of the Abyss and birthplace of their enemy.
The radio feed continued to find his gravitational field and focus into a brilliantly pulsating cyan core just beyond an invisible monster Xanthian. iJo’Ciou’ felt a personal tie to this form of Xanthian, a Galaxy-eater did away with his predecessor in seconds flat then the entire home world of his mother in mere hours, and somewhere in this infinite playground, on just like this tortured and tormented the founder and his family even now.
Ciou’s brow furrowed, his brilliant tendrils of silver and blue hair flailed and whipped behind him in the cosmic wind, his warped reflection gleaming back at him as he drifted just beyond the event horizon. I can feel your screams, and hear your torment…You are a wretched beast…Your kind is an abomination. The message was sent as radio energy into the event horizon, which spat back a spray of radiation. Yet you have not the will to enter this threshold and face my strength, you will fail this campaign OniDamhmus, pass through my threshold and experience true power.
Electric crackles and arches began to flail and snap along the event horizon as the reflection reached out towards iJo’Ciou’ yet missing connection as he drifted further back. You’ll not have the satisfaction of collecting a sample for your core from me this trip, wretched one, nor ever… I will reach you before you ever get close to our source. The message was transmitted without response. He sent another.
Where are they wretch?! You have no right to keep my ancestors prisoner, they aid you none in locating our source… release them and I will show mercy. The message was responded this time with what could only be conceived as twisted laughter, then. The harvest shall none be relinquished.
All three Oni then acted in a single boast of rage. The Glacial Galaxy and Cosmic Combustion techniques erupted with deafening radio energy straight into iJo’Ciou’s Gravitational Gojiin, and his face twisted in disgust as his black eyes suddenly erupted with brilliant cyan energy.
As the neighboring cells began to rapidly collapse and the energy transfer began pushing the Gojiin into overdrive, the Oni sent a final message through the event horizon.
Your regret shall be endless and never abided. You will be overcome and encarcerated for all eternity, beast, and stripped of your precious harvest! We shall reap all that you have sowed and leave you with none to quench your greedy thirst!
The Gojiin suddenly flashed and faded black before completely vanishing for a moment yet still bearing a reflection in the event horizon. iJo’Ciou’ shifted, suddenly converting himself to raw energetic flux before slamming his palm to the Gojiin and forcing it into the event horizon with enough power to catapult him backwards violently.
The event horizon suddenly developed a brilliant sheen, making it visible as no black hole can naturally be, the radio waves emanating distort suddenly and electricity climbs the surface just before the point of impact shatters like a spiders web and the Galaxy-eater begins to vibrate powerfully enough to offset the vacuum around it, making iJo’Ciou’ appear extremely distorted and fuzzy.
The transmission distorted and patchy came through just before the gravitational field disrupted.
Your arro-..-nce sh-.ll.-e yo-..-nfall.. OniDamhmus.
The cosmic explosion obliterated every piece of mass within the neighboring cells of the abyss; a length roughly nine universes across, every matter other than the OniDamhmus vanished nearly immediately, iJo’Ciou’ taking a reality jarring proximity blow, it reminded him distinctly of converting all energy resources into hyper-sonic radiation only far more intense.
Crimson and Emerald energy stretched out slowly behind aZu’Arli’an and eRi’Zanu’ as their energy continued to pour from them, feeling only fractionally jarred as their brother, easily shaking off the effects and anchoring themselves sternly to iJo’Ciou’s gravity before pulling the dimensional fabric together in a wrinkle so large it sends a violent shockwave through the abyss, making a devastating triple wammy attack against the hostile environment at the same time as putting them by their brothers side. The sonic radiation instantly filtered through his brothers’ blatant disregard for uniformity of existence, into the wrinkles, and as the Oni released their grip on the space occupied previously the cosmic boom generated by breaking quantum physical alignment passed by them ineffectively.
The ripples of hyper-dimensional-sonic radiation completely dematerializes the dimensional sheets contents, however, that the energy displacement pulverized all matter in the dimension so offensively as to convert the entire realm into ultra-subatomic particles and changing the black vacuum into a white paradox.
The Oni took firm stance as the now quite visible black hole began to crumble and fold in on itself with rolling waves, reflecting the dimensional havoc beyond its adversaries, but as it grew in speed and began to shine beneath its deteriorating event horizon the Oni took stance together and each slammed a fist into the center as it shrank down to a more manageable size.
You want a taste of OniDamhmus energy? You got a taste of OniDamhmus energy…Now we want a taste of you… let’s see what you look like on the inside.
The transmission would clearly reach the core of the abyss, and so would the next message, loud and clear.
The OniDamhmus each keeping a firm grip on not the abyssal core, but the core of the Galaxy-eater, one of the most powerful Xanthian forces the Abyss has to offer, before anchoring themselves to the outer edges of the abyss in equally spaced intervals. They then stretched the core to these three spate points, anchored once more opposite their previous positions, and released the core once in position with a final anchor.
This Galaxy-eater was now the recipient of a quantum cosmic rubber-band looping around the entire dimension in an immense reverse tetrahedron.
The moment the Oni released their anchors, the Xanthian power was shredded through separate wormholes and distorted into a violent loop, which gathered the quantum particles created by the sonic ripple and brought it all back into the core of iJo’Ciou’s Gojiin, now within the core.
The Xanthian had been changed into a weapon against its own entirety now, feeding the Gojiin until the Oni could initiate its final process and use the stored energy of not one dimension, but an entire cell of existence as a more direct message to the abyssal core.
The energy turned in on itself as the Oni initiated the reactor by passing through the energy gateway it created and passing into the outer core of the abyss; the most difficult realm to overcome before being able to make contact with the center.
The side effect of passing through this forbidden realm by cleverly using a dying Xanthian energy signature to “return home” was delivered to the central core and suddenly the Oni and all Xanthian life outside the new barrier, inside purgatory, were destroyed. This event substantially shifted the strength into Oblivions favor as a new Chaotic energy began to develop instantly from these new outer core readings coming from her chyldren.
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The Omnipotent OniDamhmus! (That tingles a little...Is it our turn?)
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