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 Jason Wrigben aka. ExoGlyce!

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PostSubject: Jason Wrigben aka. ExoGlyce!   Sat May 21, 2011 6:25 pm

Jason Wrigben
Age: 21 in 2009
Ht/Wt: 6’1/216 lbs
Hr/Ey: Blk(3 inches)/emerald green
Home Town: Ashtabula, OH
Orientation: OniDamhmus Anchor (eRi’Zanu’)
Shared Ability: Psi-Field manipulation, Telekinesis
Element: Enthalpy of Fusion Energy (exothermicity)
Younger Wrigben adorns the alias “ExoGlyce”(RA-z10-6229) after becoming super enhanced by Oblivion.
ExoGlyce is the only anchor actually bonded to his counterpart by child, Gaianna and Exo’s beautiful daughter LaeLae is only three months old when her mother “G-O-C’s” or Goes Oblivon Chylde, and retains command over the geological structure of rock and metals. Exo enjoys a good fight almost as much as he enjoys a good display of dominance over any given situation, he often responds to “situations” both in the way Oblivion has determined as well as a sneaky little side operation of his own intent. Despite several cautions from his brothers and the Onis he continues to take risks in order to gain an upper hand on the Xanthians, both scientifically and mathematically.
Now that Gaianna has become an enhanced human as well, he has been able to venture into the frozen wastelands and commence his own strategic works against the Xan energies.
By the end of 2010, Exo’s dedication to the advancement of his shared ability brings about specialized Psiforce tools such as:
Fusion Storage Capacitor; storage drones which exist on the astral plain in dimension 6. These “tanks” are comprised entirely of Psi-energy, and any Anchor can interact with the power stores gathered by Xanthian diffusion phenomena caused by their demise.
Psi-beam generation: The ability to use the sub-dimensional tetrahedron (astral plain platforms) is focused through a dimensional prism until it refocuses a beam of Psiforce back into the astral plain before the user chambers the energy and channels it into the physical plain after receiving an update from Oblivion. This device will not be fully tested until the invasion.
Intelligence, Nobility, and Dedication are his best qualities, and he wears them well. Exo is a prized member of the group and brings a little extra to the table every time. Without him, Entropion would have lost hope long ago.

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Jason Wrigben aka. ExoGlyce!
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