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Server 28:  Buprasium!! Empty
PostSubject: Server 28: Buprasium!!   Server 28:  Buprasium!! EmptySun May 22, 2011 8:32 pm

Buprasium is an OFF LIMITS area until there are enough of us able to move there.
Patrae is fine, but do NOT move into Buprasium!!

The reason for this?
Buprasium is the first area in which invasions can take place; both defensive and offensively. Although we have some really kick ass players, there are still many of the people on the other faction with strong STRONG players. Im positive that they are all stocking up there in wait.

3 Consecutive wins will give them the ability to move into our Buprasium and LOCK US OUT OF IT.

Get where Im going with this? Heres my plan:

Time and time again have I seen numbers prevail against power. We have numbers between 2 full and very swiftly rising teams. OTL is just a bit behind us.

We will wait it out in Calydon, dominate the area and DESTROY the factions over there, all the while upgrading everything as high as we can. Working correctly this can be accomplished by NEXT WEEK.

OCL will strike all of the colored faction in Lyrnessus and Ethiopia. And OTL will commense attacks on the white members. We will have 1 solid day of non stop attack, which we will use to start a Faction battle by building up our hostility against them.

NOTE: You cannot see your hostility, you will know by how much you are being attacked, because your price for prestige has gone up.

After this Day long event of bludgening the Lyr/Eth areas, we will as ONE UNIT move into the Buprasium area, and engage our white flags IMMEDIATELY. We will do this one day before Winter(Autum), so our entire cd period is used up between our white flag, and the one day their strong ones cant wipe out our hostility.

Come spring... we can launch faction Area Battle in the world view, and next Autum those bastards are ours.

The battle will be in AUTUMN around 10:30 server time. If there is any time to MAKE a battle, it will be the AREA battles.

I will alert you before this movement takes place. Until then, stay in Calydon or Patrae and upgrade hardcore.

Techs, Equipment, Assembly, Training, Academy. Repeat that cycle, and make sure you dedicate a good portion of Div to FARMING better equipment. The equpment guide in this forum will help you with that.

With your cooperation we WILL over come their money lead, and take down the other factions.

I promise you that. Its all up to whether you all follow through with these plans or not.

And you all have been AWESOME thus far, Im sure you wont let the league down ^u^
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Server 28: Buprasium!!
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