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Faire Ro0lz??
Yes they are fair
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Fuck off Hitler!!
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Where are the rest?
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I dont care
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Your rules mean nothing.
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Im a brown noser, so my oppinion dont count.
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PostSubject: Tha Ro0lz NukKa!   Tha Ro0lz NukKa! EmptyFri May 13, 2011 3:12 am

First and foremost, lets keep the peace in our little family. We have other people to focus rage on.

I wont be putting up with trouble makers, if you cant conform you DONT belong here.

Votes are the LAW. Follow the LAW or your ass is out.

48 hours inactivity means youre out the door. You can come back at a later time and speak with management about rejoining, but if you just up and split on us last time without telling us jack shit, you wont be coming back without a damn good reason. Promise. Because youll have to be VOTED back in.

Speed Votes can occur at any time, they last for 3 hours and every 30 minutes the vote will be publicized. New ballots will be assimilated, and the popular tally at the end of the SV will become temporary law. If there is a problem from the speed vote query, then a full 48 hour vote will be put into play, and that will decide the outcome.

Management is management because of dedication and skill. If you want to be management, prove yourself and speak up.

Hoarding is not ILLEGAL, but hoarding center properties is highly frowned upon and you are liable to have your hoarde stolen. If this happens. tough.

Maximum Daily Contributions are a must, 98% of the league is very adament about this. If you dont belive me, make a poll about it.. youll see. If my math doesnt add up with your level, youre history after a formal warning and a 48 hour probation.

Playing to win is also a crowd favorite here it seems, which is awesome for me, it makes me giddy and horny for all of you. heh.. no no, Im kidding, or am I? Dun dun duuunnnnn.... If people see that you arent playing to win you might be brought to the polls. Fair warning.

Members with nifty colored names. If you are voted out, and you dont leave gracefully, The league will target you until you leave. Seriously, dont stay somewhere you arent wanted.

ATTACKING other OBL/OCL flags and Allied flags is a big no no. You do it twice, and youre out, I could give a DAMN what a vote says. You will NOT steal resources without permission from team members and that will never change. PERIOD. I dont care what the vote says.

Colonizing our own is profitable in the long run, however, ask permission before you do so. Some players dont lke to be reminded that they are not of equal strength, and I wont have any of you feeling uncomfortable. Not on MY watch.. no way.

Problems, Issues, Vacations, New Recruits, Staffing, Moderation, etc etc etc. TELL MANAGEMENT. Tell ALL of us if you want. Mail is there in the game, This forum is here, there is no excuse for having unanswered questions here, no matter how "stupid" you might think it is.

Please dont trashtalk in the faction chat unless its just fun and games and EVERYONE knows it. We dont want people thinking we are douchebags.. Only members can know that. heh.

Most importantly.. HAVE FUN!!!!!!
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Tha Ro0lz NukKa!
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