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H.O.M.E.  (will be updated frequently) Empty
PostSubject: H.O.M.E. (will be updated frequently)   H.O.M.E.  (will be updated frequently) EmptySun May 29, 2011 12:15 pm

The laws are very iron fist, almost to a point of tyrancy but keep in mind; The world is being over ridden by creatures that change and mutate and kill whatever they cant contaminate, and by the time this NWO is put into effect, hundreds of thousands have died by the Xanthians. Humanity has been given the key to survival n the form of these strict regulations.

Obviously a law system of worldwide magnitude would actually be a book in itself, eventually I plan to have such a book, and this is pretty much it so far. Im keeping it lamen term as a statement against the confusing jargon and "proper" legislation the current governments use, because lets face it; who in their right mind WANTS to read(or write in my case) anything that indepth? yeah THAT'LL sell. lulzors. Anyhow, Ill be updating this from the actual copy as I update and add onto that, but so far heres the kinda stuff that the planet is undergoing since the governments of the world have pretty much been given no choice but to step down to the superhuman predescessors.

The Oblivion Chyldren.

Human Organism Mass Endeavor:
Purpose and explanation:
The H.O.M.E. movement is a last stretch effort to protect the planets inhabitants from the darkness within, as well as the Xanthian energy now contaminating the planet. H.O.M.E. is not a method of world domination or control of humanity, but an extremely undesired final attempt at salvation. The Oblivion Chyldren in no way have any intention of becoming world leaders nor remaining in charge of the human race indefinitely. Without extreme measures such as these, there is no hope for survival on this planet, and it will end up sharing the same fate as our sister planet, Mars. Humanity must band together as never before in order to successfully combat the Xanthian menace, lest the planet become barren and lifeless just as countless others have.

The primary directive of H.O.M.E. is to force a turn of events which enable humanity to free itself from the shackles of its own making, and promote a healthy and fair environment for all people and organisms native to the planet. The estimated period of adjustment for this new method is five years, which will allow for implementation and development, as well as testing periods and conformity on a global scale. No one is exempt from the law, and no one is protected from breaking it. Non-conformity spells certain doom for the planet, and arrogance ignorance, or nonchalance to the new order will be met with swift and stern action. This is not because the Oblivion Chyldren are tyrants, but simply because without this strict adherence, the planet in full is doomed to desolation. When the world is functioning healthily as a unit and it is no longer necessary for the intervention of the O.C. the system will be released fully to the people and complete freedom will be granted to the areas.

Human rights:

All human beings have the right and responsibility to free and most indepth educaton. Therefore all academic societies are open to the public without fee or taxation.

All human beings have the right to balanced nutrition and self preservation without fee or taxation.

All humans have a right to shelter and security without fee or taxation, every home must have 1 greenhouse, 1 garage, a family /dining room, kitchen large enough to fit the family needs, a library(education room), a top grade bomb shelter, solar paneling on all roofing structure and built into all faces of the home.

All human beings have a right to medical care and treatment regardless of ailment without fee or taxation. In lieu of this;
hospitals will be amongst the first buildings to receive construction attention, all registration will be done before arrival to the hospital unless emergency via the internet.

All human beings have not only a right, but an obligation to apply expertise to the strongest 5 fields of their study. No workplace may turn away experienced workers, incapacitated, handicapped, or disabled persons must be accepted by physician decree into the workforce after extensive top notch medical assistance.

All human beings have a right to knowledge of the working systems of any and all scientific, governmental, educational, medicinal, nutritional, and constructional/manufacturing processes.

Criminal human beings have no rights. If a guilty proven criminal refuses to work for humanity while never being implemented into humanity for their offensive manners, they have a right to euthanasia.

Xanthian mutations have only one right; the right to a swift death. Harboring a Xanthian knowledgably will result in immediate termination, Xanthians are not your loved ones, they have killed your loved one and are pretending to be them...a Xanthian has no emotion, despite its acting ability. A Xanthians only purpose is to destroy, aiding ones survival can kill billions and will not be condoned for any reason.

S-A: Criminal rights and education.
Section A-1:
Criminals; are as of now, a direct threat of human survival. Human beings who desire and find enjoyment in;
The pain, suffering, hardship, loss, torment, fear, and all other negative reactions from other people, are partially Xanthian in nature already and unacceptable in the mass society.
Particularly violent offenders shall not be relocated or attempted for refinement or conditioning. All human beings currently convicted of acts of inhumanity will be admitted into a psychological screening. The screening will not consist of polygraph, but a much more reliable chemical technology which has laid dormant in one of the planets governments (which will remain undisclosed). The inductee will experience euphoric stimuli after being administered intravenously.
This chemical forces the inflicted to admit to and embrace a joy in the truth. The serum has been tested on hundreds of subjects already and results have always come back intact, offering substantial evidence of its consistency and ability to work as intended.
Violent criminals who admit to the desire of continuing in such activities will be executed.

Criminals currently avoiding prosecution for crimes against humanity will no longer have government loopholes in which to remain undisciplined. All peacekeepers are now authorized to use deadly force if necessary, however when such force is used, there must be valid necessity and proof of such, lest the official be then tried for violent crimes against humanity, flora, and fauna. Aggressive action by civilians of the planet may only occur in self-defense, any and all persons committing such violence must then adhere to the chemical serum in order to prove the mental capacity in which to do so without malice against both Xanthian, and non-Xanthian life forms.

Section A-2:
All human beings are indicted into all work forces. Humans without specialized training or skills will be assessed and evaluated before being educated and implemented into the workforce in which is most beneficial. The workforce registry will be maintained via the internet, and all human beings beyond the age of thirteen(13) years are required to register, and will be implemented into the workforce upon graduation of the newly revised educational services.
All human beings under the age of 65 are required to maintain at least two educational courses at any given time, and expand understandings of unbiased factual information, courses will be categorized in difficulty levels, and every human being will only be assigned a level that is equal to their intellectual assessment which will take place before enrollment into the new educational system.
Unsatisfactory production of grades will hinder the individuals’ rights to all non-necessities. Continued failures of the course despite significant evidence that the course is not beyond comprehension to the individual will confine the individual to the duties that are short-handed due the non-pleasantries involved in such work, and will also cause for less convenient and hospitable boarding. Human beings are furthermore required to complete the educational processes without incident or nonconformity, with severe penalties for repetitive reoccurrences.
Educational facilities will be utilized only in specialty projects such as sciences and courses which require both kinesthetic learning environments as well as security facilities in order to maintain order and solemnity. All courses without necessity of actual supplies for testing will be maintained via the internet, especially in cases with non-violent criminal offenders which are as of yet deemed unworthy for society, while unable to be executed due to their non-threatening demeanor and lack of desire to inflict damages directly upon life (thieves, drug users, etc.).
Such criminals will be indebted to society and eligible for re-deployment into society after successfully completing an assessment which will include the serum, as well as after a set amount of community service hours have been met in accordance and direct relativity to the severity and multiplicity of their offences. These criminals will also be registered into the educational programs and be required to complete additional social courses of etiquette and personality adjustments alongside the standard courses, these courses must be completed before possibility of parole.

S-B: Monetary system, Government and Religion.
B-1: Moneys and equity.
Human beings may keep currency as an heirloom or keepsake, however effective immediately there is no longer a valid currency global-wide. This will never change, never again will a person need to pay for anything in their life, and instead a credit system infused to personal registration will become any and all means of acquiring any form of goods. Lavish and materialistic mementos or artifacts will be acquired via internet registrations and only approved if the credits are of acceptable amounts.
Credits will be earned by both successfully completing educational courses both at par and above par with the users’ intellectual assessment level, which will be entirely confidential to all but the persons’ instructor and themselves. Credits are assigned to a person in reference to difficulty of course and final assessment of course grade, as well as by duties in the community which are graded by necessity and overall quality of the duties performed.
Credits are used for non-necessities only, as per the H.O.M.E. primary rights system.

B-2: Government.
There is to be only one form of government, whose purpose is not to control human society, but establish stability in the workings of these societies. Voting is a requirement of each area, and all polls are based by civilian recommendation. Civilians may publicize a poll which will then be implemented into a level system, the system will measure the popularity of the poll and implement it in the most popular areas if a popular poll ever falls below 60% the purpose will become annulled and a more popular poll will be implemented in its place.
All voting polls will be managed by government officials and publically displayed at all times via the internet. Only human beings in specified voting areas may vote on polls of that particular area, and each area will have its own official LAW system, in which non-essential laws may be amended for that particular area.
The government of the specified area within the World Confederation will be in direct supervision of all construction, factory, and educational facilities within the area limits and will be responsible for maintaining a clean and green society within.
B-3: Religion and Denomination.
All persons are welcome to follow whatever belies about deities as they prefer, however such beliefs are to remain in confined spaces and are never to leave the building of denomination whether it be home or public. Religious standpoints are a preference and no religious power has the right to claim itself as sovereign religion or “the only true belief system.” Violators of this law will be prosecuted, possibly incarcerated, and in most cases deported to a colony outside of the World Confederation, and sentenced to live in the harsh environments unpopulated by the new human society.
Public religions may exist only in designated buildings and display warnings of their denomination clearly for all other denominations in the area. No denomination may play a significant role of any government duty or workplace, and outside of the denomination walls there must be a complete divergence from the personal belief in order to conform to the true purpose of planetary prosperity.
Religious beliefs may not interfere with conformed work environments, policies, or personnel in any way, and must not call for extreme or harmful activities. Religious activities or beliefs in no way substitute any human beings personal duty to the planet or their fellow man, deviation from this fact will be dealt with swiftly and without litigation through trial.
Public speaking about personal religious beliefs may be scheduled and held with proper authorization by the local government, but may not condone consumption of hallucinogenic or mind altering substances, may not implement beliefs in opposition of the H.O.M.E. legislature, and must be evacuated if found offensive by more than 10% of the non-participating civilians within the area.
Religion must at no point interfere with or undermine the workings of scientific fact and advancement, and all sciences must be respected if a proven theory has been discovered. Admonishment of scientific fact in any way is a crime punishable by indefinite deportation.

S-C: Fuels and Energies
C-1: Fossil fuels are never to be utilized for any purpose. Aversion to this law is a violation of treason and all participating parties shall be seized and executed, continued theft of the planets irreplaceable resources is seen as a threat against the solidarity and further growth of the planet in full, and will never be condoned or ignored.
All fuel manufacturing companies will be reassigned and re-educated in the ways of “green technology” and must not venture from a planet healthy workplace. Pollutants and aerosols which harm the environment and atmosphere must be recalled and disposed of properly, violators of this policy found guilty by trial may endure fines of credits, and even loss of rights, up to and including penalties and trials of treason against the planet.
Resources such as Styrofoam and other non-bio-degradable substances are no longer a permissible production item. Only products which are deemed non-toxic to the environment shall be condoned on the planet, violators will be deported.
Nuclear power is no longer admissible, and the dangers to flora and fauna of the planet including human life are uncontainable and unpreventable. In lieu of this, the Oblivion Chyldren will be educating global scientists within the elemental energy genres as to the particulars of previously untapped energy resources such as, but not limited to; cold fusion, geothermic redirection, and bio-electric harvesting. The new power systems will gradually replace the old until there are no longer harmful energy systems on the planet, having been replaced and disassembled.

All laws and Bylaws are subject to amendment by the Oblivion Chyldren at all times, and any occurrences of such will be displayed publically for no less than 72 hours. This is not a drill, and the system is in place concurrently, all human beings are to adhere to the laws as of immediately.
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Daemon Oni

Daemon Oni

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H.O.M.E.  (will be updated frequently) Empty
PostSubject: in MY words.   H.O.M.E.  (will be updated frequently) EmptySun May 29, 2011 1:22 pm

H.O.M.E. has a lot of questionable parts to it, there will be times where criminals and such are voted into being utelized for medical testing on hypothesized cures and treatments. The voting system becomes a mandatory thing, there is a monthly document E-mailed to every individual, on an email that is specific for them and only for education, polls, and requests to/from the H.O.M.E. committee. So the fact that every human being above the age of 13 and under the age of 65 are presented this monthly queue and can do NOTHING at all until the poll is finished, makes for a very"human nature" environment.

There will literally be moments when one of the 6 OC will intervene on votes, and publicly question the right minds of the area in which specific votes occurred.

Im gonna pause to expand a little more on the age thing.

13 might sound young to start being accountable for worldwide decisions, but in a time where every able body is going to be put to work, every able mind should be as well. Kids are extremely resiliant and I have been impressed by them since I was one, there were many times I can recall wondering what was wrong with people who just IGNORED the right thing to do, and many even used the rules to justify behaving impurely, yet here they were constantly admonishing me and my peers to always "be good."

I have time and time again been impressed by the values I get from kids in times of stress or true empowerment. So I feel compelled to include that, the simple fact that children are emotionally driven is a testement to their capacity to make decisions based on whats "right" in their heart, and whats "wrong" with the world. I would be hypocritical if I didnt includethe opinion of kids because this entire series was started up over a decade ago.. When I WAS a kid.

Now for the other end of the spectrum. 65 is not a "cutoff" time for the elderly. Its just the necessity end date, in the new H.O.M.E. society, if you are 65, you can do whatever the fuck you want pretty much. Youve seen enough hardship and bullcrap to last you a lifetime LITERALLY, and I sure wouldnt expect that in an equally fair society some supercharged freak tells my wonderful grandparents that they have got to do jack SHIT. Better prepare to have to kill me if theyre gonna expect my loved ones to need to do anything but enjoy whateverpart of life they enjoy most for the rest of their days, and Im sure yall would agree with me. If not..... S'wrongwitchoo?! I oughta whip yer ass!

However I know that a lot of elderly folk WANT to continue working and being an active part of society, and as long as their health assessments continue to provide proof that they are absolutely in the shape TO do so, then youre damned right the OCs are gonna let them. ALL HUMAN BEINGS have a RIGHT to apply their expertise.

Again if this were a real life situation and someone told my grandparent they couldnt do something to help society cause they were too old, despite being in fine condition... be prepared to shoot my ass, cause Ima comin for ya. Am I right?

The purpose of H.O.M.E. is to show human beings that they CAN function together as a unit. Inevitably filtering out all the traditional "government" crap, as well as the money hoarders. The H.O.M.E. system forces those companies to play on eual terms with everyon and literally takes away their power over the people.

H.O.M.E. actually puts the power back into the peoples hands. After these hundreds of years of big companies forcing humans to make them rch and powerful, the companies are now forced to firstly change their ways entirely if they were a pollutant organization like most of them are, as well as provide every human family in need of the new product WITH the product without any kind of fee.

Big mansions and such are literally stripped away from the owners, turned into orphanages, medical facilities, room and board while homelss foundations and centers, or other homes are being built and other "help the public" type of places. All the tycoons and richies who read this will hate that Im sure, but in the long run everything is transformed. People are moved around like this, families kept together and no one is forced to move into any temporary place that they are uncomfortable with.

The whole mannerism of H.O.M.E. may sound brutal and like some sort of holocaust, but all officers and such operating in what used to be governments, but now is the HOME movement are all stressed to extremes that they are there only to keep order and PROTECT the masses. Peace keepers will suffer the most horrific punishments if they are battering human beings.

At first this causes a lot of uproar in society, and many of the "cop haters" are actually forced into submission and into containment or rehab facilities because they do get crazy on cops. Examples are made, etc etc. but for the most part the planet shifts quite peacefully into these new methods.

Xanthian occurrences happen, some violent scenes take place, some "innocents" die, and some wicked come into light, its a whole lot of chaos but there is some real order to it as well.

The hardest part for me to go through in transition I think is the fuel systems. There will have to be a period of solitude while all vehicles are brought in to be transformed. There will obviously be some vehicles still on the road for this. I plan on having Nissan be a big big contributor to this switch since they made that awesome new Leaf. and the Leaf is gonna be a big big part of everything changing over while it does. So right up front Id like to put a shout out to Nissan for making a car easily available to the public that is fully AGAINST fossil fuels. All that credit is to remain to them and I really really hope my series helps boost some sales for them because that really is a vehicle that brought tears of joy to my eyes.

WAY TO GO NISSAN... Way to go green =) Keep up that good work!

I brought all that up becauseNissan is going to be pout to some serious work, and become a very huge part of the exodus. Other vehicle places will be attending courses as to how Nissan has made the Leaf engine and those will be the first made renditions. They will make large quantities of these vehicles while the public is still spending money thinking that it is worth something. For 3 months all of that will go on, and Nissan will be put in charge of many different places like this, all vehicle shops around the United states and the Europes will be forced to convert ALL engines to these vehicles right away and no longer make the previous models.

Then after the HOME is put into effect one of the first actions Ill have them do is tell people they will be receiving calls as to when to bring their old vehicles into the manufacturers for a FREE swap out. And noone is permitted to fdrive a gas vehicle unless it is an emergency, or to swap out the vehicle.

As you can see I have a LOT of thinking and stuff still to go through for a situation like HOME, so the first few books wont go into a lot of real detail about it.

If you have some ideas or recommendations then Im definitely up for them... if I use them Ill be sure to include a shout-0utz spot in the book! =D
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H.O.M.E. (will be updated frequently)
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